High gas prices in the region impact local business operations and prices

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High gas prices in the region are impacting local business operations and in some cases raising prices to compensate for the increase.

One local florist, the owner of Rosebud Flower Shop said that throughout Erie County gas prices have increased so much this past month they’ve had to make some adjustments.

For years, Rosebud Flower Shop located on East 10th Street has delivered flower arrangements.

The owner Ruth Thompson said that they’ve

“You’re looking at 50, 60 dollars to fill that up with gas. If they can run ten deliveries with that tank of gas or however many, and it depends on how far they are going, how many stops they can make. You know the vehicles stop and go isn’t the greatest, all these highway miles, so with that being said I was able to compensate them for their gas by increasing the delivery,” said Ruth Thompson, Owner of Rosebud Flower Shop.

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