High waters on Presque Isle and the bayfront

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Lake Erie and Presque Isle are already experiencing high waters for the early summer months.

Steve Dunsmore, Lake Erie Lifeguard Manager tells us, “We do have some of our higher waters during the year typically June and July but this is the highest it’s been in a very long time and the park is taking appropriate measures.”

In addition, residential areas including Fern Cliff are submerged in water from high winds and storms. Some docks are also close to becoming submerged by the high waters. Presque Isle officials remind us if you see an area under water including a sidewalk to let public safety know about it.

Boaters also must be aware and take precautionary measures both on and off the water in order to stay safe during this boating season. 

Jim Garfield, a boater says, “People need to be a little aware of pulling into a dock where the water is higher. The way your boat comes up against the edge there you have to take that into account and make sure you have your buoy on the side of the boat so you don’t damage anything.” 

With the high water levels, people coming out to the beach will notice some changes. 

Dunsmore says, “There is less sand out there for the public to congregate on and enjoy but the guards are in the water every day before their shift starts to check those swimming areas to make sure no trees, no water debris is washed in.”

More areas of the park are not under water and still available for the public to enjoy. 

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