Highmark is making progress against opioid abuse

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ERIE, Pa – Though the “War on Opioids” is far from over, Highmark reveals that they are making progress. 

Highmark, Inc is fighting against opioid abuse using a three-prong approach. The first prong is treating pain using acupuncture and massage, without the use of opioids. Secondly, in situations where pain medication is necessary, doctors should be prescribing them “slow and low”, meaning only as a last option, at a low dosage, and for the shortest amount of time. 

“These changes, when you add them together, represent a very successful, effective, and broad movement – from overprescribing the opioids to appropriate prescribing patterns consistent with the CDC recommendations,” explains Dr. Charles DeShazer, the SVP and Chief Medical Officer of Highmark Health. 

The third prong of the plan is working to reduce the impact of opioid addiction on families and the community.

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