Highway Safety Law Awareness Week highlights new, important laws in PA

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There are a number of new and updated laws that drivers need to be aware of.  And, this week, state officials are doing what they can to spread the word about those laws so everyone stays safe on the road.

This week is Highway Safety Law Awareness Week in Pennsylvania.  PennDOT and State Police Officials are teaming up to spread the word about news laws or laws that just aren’t very well-known to the general public.

PennDOT Spokesperson Fritzi Schreffler tells us, “Every year, we try to pick out some laws that may be some kind of obscure laws that you may not be aware of, but are a safety issue.”

This year, PennDOT and State Police Officials focusing on the new ‘Steer Clear’ law, which requires drivers to move over or slow down when they come across an emergency scene, traffic stop, or disabled vehicle.  Other laws include recently enacted harsher penalties for DUI.  A fourth DUI in 10 years is now a felony and a third DUI can also be a felony depending on the driver’s blood alcohol content.

Schreffler says, “That’s something that, people who have been impacted by impaired drivers, losing a family member, that was very very important to them.”

The ‘Turn Around, Don’t Drown’ law prohibits drivers from moving past a sign or traffic-control device that closes a road or highway for a hazardous condition.

“With the amount of snow that we get, and the amount of rain we had last year, water tables are high, so flooding can be an issue.”

And, a state law mandates that drivers will yield the right-of-way for pedestrians crossing the road. 

PennDOT officials have been discussing these laws for months now, but want to make sure drivers are aware of them as well.

“To the motoring public, your day to day business is getting from point A to getting to point B. So, we also want you to think that there’s a lot of people you can impact on that drive.”

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