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For many, home is a place to make memories with loved ones and a safe haven for children. But, it’s not always the case.

Research shows a burglary takes place every eighteen seconds in the United States. 

Joe Rinderle has been the owner of Beers for Less on Peach Street for 11 years now.  For more than a decade, Rinderle has maintained the security of his customers and his business.  His top priority is running a store where both patrons and employees feel safe.

“We wanted to get a security system. We had one years ago, when we first bought the place, but it wasn’t satisfying our needs so we upgraded and got Whitetail.”

With times now changing, Rinderle thinks taking this initiative was necessary and is the reason why he has never encountered a safety issue.  His security system has also helped police in the past in incidents relating to the neighborhood.

Rinderle says, “I like the fact that I can keep an eye on everything when I’m not around or when the store is closed.”

Whitetail Electronics offers many security systems, including one that is constantly recording; you can have it wrapped around your home, office, or business.

Experts say burglars tend to avoid targeting homes that have dogs and security systems.

Owner of Whitetail, Gregg Butala, says, “nowadays, with the intelligence of the camera system, we can do notifications on the cameras so you can be alerted when someone comes up to your house or business; and that’s been extremely popular.”

Trim the trees and bushes outside your home.  Don’t provide thieves places to hide.

Lieutenant Scott Sebulak of the Millcreek Police tells us, “It stays pretty constant throughout the whole year. We have a considerable amount of burglaries that go on year ’round; at this point, we’re always trying to look into new leads when it comes to these.”

According to Millcreek Police, the best way to not become a victim is to make sure you keep your doors and windows shut, locked, and secured and keep open communication with your neighbors so you can work as a team to stop such incidents in your area.

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