Hope of rebuilding the Riverside Inn

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The general manager Jeremy Ball tells us people were looking for ways to help after the fire.
The Halliday family decided to take action.
Ball created a GoFundMe page to rebuild the Riverside Inn.
Within the first few hours it was posted, community members raised thousands of dollars. 
Local leaders tell us they don’t know exactly what will come of the rebuild, and they encourage people to share their ideas.
In addition to the GoFundMe, people can submit their donations to a Riverside account at the Erie bank in Meadville. 
“A century from now people can look back and see pictures of the fire and how devastating that was, but also see what the community did in place of the original hotel,” said Joshua Sherretts, the Crawford County Historical Society President.
The Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Christa Lundy told us, “I’m sure it could be built on a smaller scale and make it just as elegant and beautiful in a different way.”
We inquired about whether the historic hotel was insured, which is owned by longtime Greenville attorney Michael Halliday and his wife Marie. 
The manager said due to the on-going investigation into the cause of the fire…He’s not able to speak about that at this time. 

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