House members lock horns over 2018 Farm Bill

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Republicans and Democrats locked horns today over the 2018 Farm Bill.  The battle is on the House Agriculture Committee that says it will not provide payments to farmers, ranchers, or dairies. 

Lawmakers are fighting over payments to those who use SNAP, what used to be called, ‘food stamps’.  Much of the controversy centers around proposed changed to the government food assistance program known as SNAP. 

Congresswoman Alma Adams says it reduces benefits for nearly two million people including veterans and children in her state.  “North Carolina, like many others, allows students on SNAP to qualify for free or reduced lunch. That means food, both at home and at school, will be taken away.”

Supporters say adding work requirements for the federal program will help families by getting people off of welfare and back to work.  Rodney Davis says it will “help them fill the good paying jobs they want and need and that we already know are open. 

Brie Jackson, DC Correspondent, says, “the plan requires able-bodied adults aged 18-59 to work or do job training for 20 hours a week in order to receive SNAP benefits”.

Republican Congressman Michael Conaway says the bill’s focus is to support struggling farmers.  He wants safety nets like crop insurance. 

Both sides seem to agree farmers need assistance, but the divide over the SNAP benefits remains a battle.  

To learn more about the Farm Bill, click here.

–Brie Jackson

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