How chocolate can be beneficial to your health on World Chocolate Day

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Today July 7th is World Chocolate Day and there’s some good news for all the chocolate lovers out there.

While it’s not considered a health food, chocolate with a high cocoa content, has been shown to have nutritional properties that may benefit your health.

Research suggests flavonoids found in chocolate may increase dopamine and endorphins too, creating a mood boosting effect.

However, experts warn that calories can add up quickly with chocolate.

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic suggest no more than one ounce per day, which is about 30 grams and 200 calories, and the darker the chocolate, the better.

“The higher cocoa content, the more you’re going to get those properties and the bonus to that is the higher the cocoa, generally the lower in sugar. So if you find a chocolate bar that’s about 90% cocoa, the sugar can be as low as four grams which is extremely low. It’s about a teaspoon of sugar,” said Julia Zumpano, RD, Registered Dietician with Cleveland Clinic.

Zumpano advised steering clear of white chocolate and milk chocolate which are high in sugar and fat and provide no health benefits.

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