How Emergycare handles Roar on the Shore

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     Roar On The Shore brings about 175,000 visitors to this town which usually only has about 90,000 residents or so.  For first responders and other emergency officials, dealing with three times as many people means having a plan in place.

     Harry Latta, Operations Supervisor for Emergycare tells us, “Law enforcement, fire and EMS get together and pre-plan these events before the event actually starts to make sure that we are 100% covered for taking care of people that become injured, ill, or a mass-casualty event.”

     For some people, like Kenny Bartlett who is enjoying his second Roar event and hopes to come back every year, this tent has become a frequent stop.  He forgot his glucose meter back home in Johnstown, nearly 3 hours away.  “Since they’re here, they’re available to me here I can keep an eye on my sugar level and not get carried away with the funnel cakes and the lemonade,” Bartlett tells us with a smile.

     One special piece of equipment the crew on hand has is the rescue ATV.  It’s complete with a secured stretcher to stabilize any patient who may be seriously injured.  Luckily, most injuries seen by the crew on hand are pretty minor.  While we were visiting the triage tent, a vendor came in with a small cut on his hand from a knife.  A quick visit helps ensure his wound is cleaned and bandaged well so he can return to serving the masses in Perry Square.

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