Many animal advocates are outraged after a Cranesville man who killed seven German shepherds was sentenced to one month in prison.

Libre’s Law was enacted in Pennsylvania to provide appropriate penalties for acts of animal cruelty in 2017.

Ruth Thompson said since then humane officers have helped prosecute people who are committing these crimes.

“The Erie County DA’s office works with us. I mean, I’m literally am on a cell phone text message basis with the actual DA and the ADA’s there. When we need something they are there, and as we are there for the state police, for the citizens, for the city police,” said Ruth Thompson, founder of the ANNA Shelter.

Assistant District Attorney Jessica Reger told us local humane officers are instrumental in giving animals a voice.

“They have the ability to work alongside law enforcement, in some cases work as part of law enforcement, to actually go in and investigate these crimes. And they’re doing a phenomenal job. That’s part of the reason why we take their input so seriously and we work so closely with them,” said Reger.

Reger added Libre’s Law increased penalties for animal cruelty including jail time and fines.

“When these things do happen, that they are coming to light, and that the people who are responsible are held accountable for their actions,” she continued.

Reger also said this issue impacts more than just the animals who are suffering.

“It’s important for our community to take these crimes seriously so that when we are looking at the holistic approach of safety in the community, that those things are considered,” Reger said.