Delivery drivers aren’t getting much of an advantage over the drop in gas prices.

Managers said that they have seen their drivers become more eager to come into work and hope those prices keep decreasing.

Managers told us that the average price of gas right now is still too high for drivers to really make any money.

We’ve all seen gas prices in Erie dropping over the last several months. It dropped about50 cents in six weeks.

According to AAA, gas prices have been dropping in price ever since its peak hit a little more than five dollars on June 12.

Now the average price of gas in Erie is $4.52 for unleaded.

Because of this, one delivery driver and manager have noticed a change of attitude with the drivers.

“They became more energetic. They are willing to stay a little bit longer during their shift because they know that prices have been decreasing so they can afford it a little bit more now,” said Bryan Henderson, Manager and Driver at Jimmy Johns on State Street.

Some restaurants in town said that they have seen a noticeable positive impact from the drop in gas prices, but places like Domino’s said that it has not been a large enough decrease for them to see an impact.

He said that gas is still so expensive for the drivers. They have to use their tip money to help pay to fill up their car.

“It just made my drivers lose money and it kind of sucks for them,” said Michael Hankin, Manager of Domino’s Pizza on Buffalo road.

The owner of El Canelo said they have been getting more delivery orders since gas prices have gone down.

“I think because gas prices went down a little bit, more people can drive and that’s the reason,” said Jorge Negrete, Owner of El Canelo on Peach Street.

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We made lots of calls on Monday and most of those places told us that they are still short staffed and looking to hire drivers.