How Long Are Thanksgiving Leftovers Actually Good For?

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Experts say get rid of stuffing and gravy within one to two days. Due to the moisture and high temperature, they can easily be a breeding ground for bacteria.

How long do you keep your Thanksgiving leftovers? That’s the question we asked some Erie residents on Monday. “We probably keep them longer than what we should, maybe a couple, three or four days,” said Mike Shattuck. “We usually finish most of them on Thanksgiving, so maybe a couple of days after,” Sarah Pusateri. “It depends on how it smells and looks after I microwave it,” said Josh Scheiber, Erie resident.

If you are still eating those Thanksgiving leftovers, we have some advice on how to stay safe. Lisa Susann is a food inspector with the Erie County Health Department. She recommends tossing leftovers after at least seven days. “Sometimes people do the sniff and look at it to make sure it looks good and still eat it even after a week, we don’t recommend that, ” said Lisa Susann, food inspector at Erie County Health Department.

Susann says it’s also important to be mindful of how much food you are stuffing in your fridge. “If you have reheated something or you just got done with Thanksgiving and put everything in there while it’s still warm, it tends to raise the entire temperature of your refrigerator,” said Susann. Another helpful tip Susann recommends is not leaving your leftovers out too long. Refrigerate leftovers no later than two hours after putting them on the table

When it comes to cooked poultry leftovers, it ‘s recommended to only keep those three to four days.

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