Today’s warmer weather caused some of the snow from Monday’s storm to begin melting.

While that may be good news for some, it’s causing problems for some property owners in Erie.

For most people, the main concern this week was getting your car and driveway shoveled out.

But as all that snow begins to melt, in some cases it has nowhere to go which could lead to serious problems.

As the snow slowly melts away in Erie from today’s weather, it left deep puddles of water on the roofs of some buildings which created damage.

The owners of Angelo’s Roofing and Construction said that he’s received several calls from places that need repairs.

He let us join his crew that was hard at work repairing a roof after getting an emergency call from Rite Aid on Grandview in Erie.

“Well we got over 20 inches of snow on Monday obviously and today with the warm up it all starts to melt and thaw and ice gets in the way and a lot of these roofs aren’t sloped properly. So it has no where to go and starts backing up,” said Andy Vinca, Owner of Angelo’s Roofing and Construction Inc.

According to the owner of Angelo’s Roofing and Construction there are a few things you should look out for if there is snow on top of your roof to avoid any kind of damages.

“Yeah a lot of people get water coming down through the windows usually from the edge of their wall which is right above their gutters on flat roofs. It’s around drains or around units but in the winter time you can get a leak anywhere really,” said Vinca.

But that’s not the only thing to check for to keep you and your family safe during the winter months.

“Your furnace vents you know with snow this deep and if it’s coming off the roof or stacking up behind them they get clogged up around them or even with the older furnaces you could end up with CO2 poisoning or something like that,” said Fritzer Shunk, Building Official.

Other areas of your home, such as your deck, might have heavy snow on it. Building Code officials however say that if your deck is in good shape, there shouldn’t be any problem.

“If a deck was built after 2003 and properly permitted and inspected generally speaking I don’t see how anyone would get any issues right now,” said Shunk.

Shunk also said if you are questioning some of the durability of your deck or roof, you should call a contractor right away.

Even though it was warmer today, the next couple of days are expected to be in the low 20’s or even colder.

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