The cost of just about everything has been increasing lately.

If you have been out at the pumps prepping your vehicle for holiday travel, you certainly have felt the pain.

But we wanted to know what that holiday family picnic will cost you.

Matt Mathias checked in with local butcher’s shops to see if families may have to cut back on the amount of burgers and hot dogs they’ll be throwing on the grill.

According to a Wells Fargo study, the average price to host a holiday picnic for 10 people is increasing by about 11%.

Many traditional American foods associated with the Fourth of July have seen a rise in price since last year, according to a Wells Fargo analysis.

For starters, ground beef is 36% more than last year. Hot dogs are 12% more expensive, with hot dogs made with chicken being 15% higher. Chicken itself– which has historically been cheap — is on the rise as well.

The owner of Gordon’s Butcher and Market spoke about chicken wing prices fluctuating.

“Wings obviously were kind of crazy there for everybody, and we’ve seen that come back to normal, well relative normal. It’s been good to see the chicken wing prices come down and get a little bit stabilized. That’s probably the main thing, the big one that’s gotten a little bit normal. Chicken breasts, boneless skinless chicken breasts have gone up,” said Kyle Bohrer, owner, Gordon’s Butcher and Market.

One Erie resident who was out shopping, preparing for their family to come into town, commented on how expensive not only food has been, but also travel expenses to get family members here.

“Absolutely everything’s going up. The food is absolutely going up, but that doesn’t hurt me as much as the gas,” said Jean Behan, Erie resident.

One of the two Urbaniak Brothers shared with us that the price of meat across town is going up roughly 15%.

“Expect to pay a little bit more money. Our prices went up probably 15 or 18% this week, they’ll come back down next week. We did not raise our prices that much, we bumped up a couple cents on some items to help cut costs a little bit,” said Gerry Urbaniak, owner, Urbaniak Brothers Quality Meats.

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Along with food, brand name sodas have increased in price by 13%, and beer has seen a 25% rise.