The Texas Department of Safety admitted that officers made mistakes in their response to the recent elementary school shooting.

Officers from local law enforcement agencies said they can learn from active shooter situations.

Erie Police Chief Dan Spizarny said, each year, officers go through training to help prepare for the unpredictable.

“When all the facts are known about the situation, you look at it and you say ‘Okay, tactically, would our tactics have withheld the standard in the new incident?’ We take it very seriously. We break it down and diagnose any problems with our response,” said Chief Dan Spizarny, City of Erie Police.

Officers from the Millcreek Police Department also go through training to prepare for potential public shootings.

“We do a look at these things to see if we can improve. I would like to say that we do have a very good relationship with our local school district, and I know there’s been some concern among their staff and parents about how safe we are. While we can’t prevent everything from occurring, I think that we are prepared should something like this occur,” said Captain Carter Mook, Millcreek Police Department.

Local police officers said when a large-scale event takes place, they work together to clear the scene.

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“Multiple officers, detectives, neighboring jurisdiction police were sent in a situation like that. We’d do the same if it was outside the city. We would respond just the same with just as quick of a response as we could put together,” Spizarny said.