How wearing a helmet can save your life

The Erie Seawolves Catcher who lost his life after a skateboarding accident has prompted a discussion about head traumas and helmet safety.

An ER Doctor said head traumas are common, especially among children, and while people may not think about it a helmet could make a big difference in an accident.

There’s no way to know for certain if a helmet could have saved the life of Chace Numata, the Erie Seawolves player who died after a skateboarding accident, but studies show wearing one can improve the odds.

“Always get a gosh darn helmet, like it’s the most important thing about skateboarding,” Karen Miller, Manager, Zumiez.

Karen Miller has been the Manager at the skateboard shop Zumiez for about six months. She said during her time there, she’s sold many skateboards, but only one helmet.

“Sometimes I recommend it. Sometimes they get it if they are a little younger and its a parent getting it for the skateboard, but older people—like teenagers—I hype them up. I’m like ‘hey, you should probably protect you head,’ said Karen Miller, Manager, Zumiez.

An ER Doctor from Saint Vincent Hospital said he treats head traumas weekly, and he said that a helmet could mean life or death for some patients.

Doctor Matthew McCarthy said head injuries are some of the most devastating injuries they see in the trauma department, and wearing a helmet adds another layer of protection to the head.

“Even if it’s not necessarily mandated, but if you think you’re going to be doing an activity that could result in an pretty good head blow, even if you don’t end up with a bad head trauma, you could still have a concussion which could affect you the rest of your life,” said Dr. Matthew McCarty, Saint Vincent Hospital.

Doctor McCarthy added that wearing a helmet could be beneficial while doing activities like skiing or rollerblading.

It is also recommended that skateboarding at night can also be dangerous and experts say wearing reflective clothing and maybe even a light can keep a boarder safe.