Now that fishing season has started in Erie, the question remains how is fishing season looking for 2022?

According to an article from the EPA, there is an increase in water temperatures in Lake Erie.

Research shows that the Great Lakes have been getting a little warmer over the years. Local experts we spoke to said that this should not have any impact on this year’s fishing season.

Fishing season is here in Erie. One factor that might affect how many fish you catch is related to the temperature of the water.

“Yes, the lake has been getting warmer. I mean you can tell by how many years in a row we didn’t have ice in, but we did this year, but it seems to go up and down,” said Jerry Skrypzak, President of SONS of Lake Erie Fishing Club.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, since 1995 the average surface water temperatures for all of the great lakes have increased because of reduced ice cover and increased evaporation.

Even with that said, one fishing captain said the warmer temp won’t be effecting their business.

“We are the experts at this and you know like I said you go out there put time in, even if it doesn’t change it does change the dynamics of things. If it’s hot or cold those fish will still bite a little bit,” said Mark Rose, Captain of Bass Online.

One fisherman said that with the warmer temperature in Lake Erie, it might be a problem for fishing if you are fishing from the shore.

“If the water gets warmer, the fish are going to go deep water and that’s an issue for us. If we cannot catch fish then we have to figure out how to get to the middle of the lake to catch them,” said Jarro Rodriquez, Fisherman.

Even though it may not be an issue for right now, it might become a real problem later on.

“It’s not going to make a heck of a lot of difference here maybe 10 years from now. We might see something, but right now it’s considered the freshwater fishing capital of Pennsylvania,” said Skrypzak.

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The president of SONS of Lake Erie said that fishing should be good this season if the weather is permitting.

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