Humane officers searching for suspect after five kittens are thrown from moving vehicle

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It was a heinous scene for drivers along the overpass of Peninsula Drive and 25th Street when five kittens were thrown out of a moving vehicle.

Three of the kittens died from their injuries, with two surviving. One has a broken leg and the other has a broken jaw.

Both kittens arrived Tuesday at the West side ANNA Shelter Center where the veterinary staff is taking care of them.

Currently, there are no leads. Humane officer Eric Duckett says witnesses were more concerned with the well-being of the kittens. Now, however, the search is on to find whoever did this.

“If you didn’t want the kittens, you could’ve called us, you could have left them in a box somewhere for someone to find. To throw them out of a car is like…I hate to say it, but psychotic.” Duckett said.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Officer Eric Duckett.

His number is 814-572-5913 and his email is

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