Hundreds help epileptic two year old get service dog

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The community rallies behind a two-year-old in need.  Today, hundreds of people do their part to get Sadie Mae a service dog.  Sadie suffers from epilepsy.

Her family says she’ll be much safer with a service dog, along with having a better quality of life.  But, these dogs don’t come cheap.  The family hopes to raise around $30,000.  

Event Organizer Heather O’Connor explains the dog will serve to “assist her in preventing seizures that are coming on. Unfortunately, it won’t prevent them, but it will at least give her a heads-up so she can be in a safe position; along with her parents and her grandmother will also be prepared and ready for a seizure to come on.” 

The family tells us Sadie would receive a puppy so the two can grow up together.

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