Hundreds of rape kits back logged

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Just below two thousand rape kits in Pennsylvania went untested last year. This is a problem the auditor general is working to fix.

Behind each untested rape kits is a victim awaiting justice, which is why the auditor general is focusing on how to improve this process.

More than eighteen hundred rape kits were back logged last year in Pennsylvania. A back logged kit means it has been waiting more than a year to be tested.

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene Despasquale now investigating the problem. He says “I want to understand what legislative changes or additional funding may help bring that number down”.

The Crime Victim Center works to assist these victims everyday. They say these kits are tested for DNA, hair or any evidence to help locate the offender.

Rape kits are stored at local hospitals and at local law enforcement offices.

The importance of these kits being tested is to prevent future sexual assaults from happening.

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