Hundreds of students protesting against the school district administration in union city

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Students gather to protest against the slashing of classes and the elimination of one teacher.

On Friday, Union City High School teacher, Tim Becker, was told that his position as a history teacher would be eliminated in the coming school year.

Becker, a veteran, has taught at the high school for years.

He is a favorite teacher amongst students because, they say, he teaches them about  world issues, how to stand up for your rights, and encourages them to achieve great things.

Students are not only upset about Becker’s elimination, but also say they’ve been kept in the dark about many changes implemented by the district.

Students say that with the new Mass Customized Learning program implemented, the district is cutting history classes from 3 credits to 1.5 credits.

In doing so, Becker’s position was eliminated.

He is expected to continue teaching to the end of the school year.

We reached out to the School District Administration, but they have not yet responded.

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