Hundreds of Wabtec employees continue to strike

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UE 506 members out on the front line on Tuesday as they go on strike and call for fair contracts from the company. 

“We got to take a stand right now. This is about corporate greed, but this is also… about our generation and this community,” said Bryan Pietrzak. Pietrzak started working at Wabtec, formerly known as GE in 2011. After being laid off for two years, he came back to the company in 2018.

He says he’s striking to stand up for future generations in the area. “I don’t want our sons and daughters working next to me or co-workers making half as much with mandatory overtime and cuts in benefits. It’s not fair to them, we got to keep this community going,” said Pietrzak.

UE 506 members who were out here on the line says people have came by and donated things as wood and food. “It’s huge, the support, people just walk in and say ‘we’re behind you guys’ and they walk out, they drop it off,” said Judy Corwin, Wabtec employee.

Judy Corwin says if the strike last, it will be hard for some families so she hopes things are resolved quickly. “I look at people that come through the strike line the other day with kids and I feel for them,” said Corwin.

Corwin added that if the strike ends, all of the food that was donated to the union workers wil be given to the local food pantry.

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