Members of the Erie community are rallying together to support families and farmers in east Palentine, Ohio following that horrific train derailment. 

Last weekend, hundreds of bottles of water were donated at a winery in North East. 

On Monday, the owner of that winery delivered the water to a volunteer fire department and farmers. Mobilia Fruit Farm and Arrowhead Winery in North East collected water donations over the weekend.

Hundreds of gallons of water and positive messages were dropped off at several locations in Ohio, including the Negley Volunteer Fire Department.

“They’re just thankful, they’re teary-eyed. They’re worried for their children, they’re worried for their grandchildren, what’s going to happen. They’re afraid that we’re all going to be forgotten here, cause it didn’t happen in Negley, it happened in East Palestine, but we’re all part of this village,” said Linda Naczas-Erhard, Ohio resident.

Naczas-Erhard said she’s overwhelmed by the support and added that it’s more than just Erie that’s helping out.

“It’s been such an outpouring of love from everybody and from the whole country,” she continued. “There’s a group of police officers from Texas. Somebody was coming here from Washington state to come out here to do this.”

Several area farmers said the water is not only needed for their families but also for their animals.

“I saw the stuff in the water and I just want to take the precautions to try to keep the animals safe. We’ve switched to bottled water for us to drink,” said Raymond Woods, Ohio resident.

“It makes me feel very grateful and wonderful that you can help out a few people that are concerned and that they are on the side of caution,” said Russell Murphey, Ohio resident.

Several farmers in the area are still looking for more water. They’re also hoping more testing is done to make sure their water supply is safe.