Hunters comment on the first day of deer hunting rifle season

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For deer hunters, the wait is finally over.  Pennsylvania’s deer hunting rifle season has begun.  

It runs from now through December 8th.

We speak with hunters today to find out what the sport means to them.  It was still raining when we got to the game land and hunters say deer don’t move much in the rain.  The temperature was also in the 40’s but die-hard hunters still managed to show up and have a great first day.

Friends and family who hunt together, stay together.  Hunting season is more than someone picking up a rifle and heading into the woods. It’s about spending time with family and friends.  

17-year-old Luke Davis uses a .32 special, passed down from his grandfather. “It’s just really neat to be able to use the same gun that my grandfather used all those years ago. “

In Erie, many people consider hunting a family tradition.

Hunters prefer to hunt in snow and cold temperatures because it makes it easier for them to see the deer and their tracks. 

Besides Monday’s rain, a wind advisory all afternoon added to conditions that had even the heartiest hunters second-guessing the decision to be in the woods.  But, success or not, what matters most for many, is the experience.

Julian Vera says, “Going out with someone else is a lot better because you get to feed off each other and you guys get to hear and see things that one person alone couldn’t see because you have all 360 degrees of view of everything. “

Hunter John Bayhurst got lucky despite the rain and warm temperatures.  It only took him 40 minutes to find a deer.  “It was raining really hard and I was late getting in because it was dark it was a good morning other than that and the deer walked out pretty early around 7:32.”

After a successful day, Bayhurst says he’ll also be back to hunt bear. 

Be sure to go to the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s new rules for the 2018-2019 hunting year.

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