Hunters making a safety a top priority this season

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Hunters making a safety a top priority this season 

Hunter Thomas joined his father in the woods for the first day of deer hunting season.

Like many families in Pennsylvania, the unofficial holiday is tradition. 

“I always wanted to hunt since I was four years old, since I was little,” said Thomas. 

But he has more to worry about than just getting a deer.

This last week, we saw two major hunting accidents, one turning fatal.

Hunting instructor Jerry Wise said that tragedy in Chautauqua County could’ve been prevented. 

“He was beyond the hours. He did not identify his target correctly, and if there’s any doubt, don’t shoot,” said Wise. 

Hunters said playing by the rules and planning ahead are crucial to staying safe

“You shouldn’t be just shooting away. You gotta be positive what you’re shooting at,” said Harry Thomas, a hunter. 

That’s why many hunters get their rifles sighted in before the start to the season, to ensure accuracy and even get in some extra practice. 

Experts said it’s vital people come dressed properly, wearing the right amount of orange, so other hunters can spot them.

Anthony Vicary is new to hunting, but he said he feels safe.

“I’m not worried about me doing anything to anybody else because I wouldn’t even pull the barrel up unless I knew for a fact it was what I’m trying to shoot.” 

These hunters said it comes down to something pretty simple — being aware of your surroundings, preparation and common sense.

As we’ve reported, hunting can be dangerous.   

That’s why it’s so important to know what you are shooting at before pulling the trigger.

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