Hunters prepare rifles for buck season

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FAIRVIEW, Pa. — Rifle hunting season opens Monday and people are getting their firearms ready.

Erie resident Damien Pritchard knows that the condition of a rifle can affect the success of one’s hunting experience.

“If you’re going to take the time to go in the woods and hunt and have the patience to go out there, you want to make sure that your rifle is sighted in,” he said.

Tim Innes, a director of Walnut Creek Rifle Club at 6574 W. Ridge Rd., assisted people at the range on Friday.

“With your gun sighted in, you should get it on your first shot,” said Innes, who is also a range safety officer.

People bring new rifles, too, because they want to get their firearms boresighted, he said.

Avid hunters know that sighting in rifles can improve accuracy, but Pritchard said there are additional benefits.

“Being able to be in a controlled environment with a range master here to provide the safety while we’re sighting in the rifles.”
Innes added, “A big promotion here is safe handling, responsible handling of firearms.”

The club is inviting non-members on Saturday and Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., for sighting in to help people get ready for buck season.

“I have a hunting camp in Warren County, so I’ll be spending the week down there. So, we’ll see. We’ll give it our best try,” said Pritchard.

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