Hurricane Harvey family, formerly of Northeast, assesses damage

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A former Northeast family now living in Houston, Texas has been reunited for a short time to clean up after Hurricane Harvey.  

We first told you about the Schultz family last week.  Christie Schultz and her two young sons evacuated before Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

Her husband stayed behind until the waters began to rise.  We spoke to her while she was staying with family here in Pennsylania.  

Now, she has returned home to begin picking up what’s left after losing nearly everything.  Shultz tells us, “I think one of the most emotional things for me, just because it caught me off-guard was, I got an email from the school with a paper I had to fill out and I opened it and it was to register him as a homeless student.  I was like, ‘oh my God, we’re homeless’.  It hadn’t really occurred to me, but we technically are… we have a home, but we can’t live in it.”

Like many in Texas, the Schultz’s will be gutting and rebuilding their home for many months to come.

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