It was an early and frigid morning for employees and volunteers harvesting grapes for Mazza Vineyards.

Since 1984, Mazza Vineyards has harvested grapes and produced ice wine when the temperature outside hits 17 degrees.

This year, about 20 volunteers started picking grapes early Tuesday morning in the frigid temperatures.

The owner says 8-10 tons were left to be picked. But, after the dehydration process and loss to birds, only about 3-4 tons will be harvested.

“The grapes are kind of brown and dehydrated. Then, when we freeze them, we get rid of the remaining small amount of water that’s in the grapes and that’s what gives us the very concentrated sweet juice in order to produce the very delicious, very rich and luscious ice wines,” said Robert Mazza, president, Mazza Vineyards.

Mazza says they are always looking for volunteers to help harvest the grapes for ice wine. Click here for more information on volunteering.