A bakery in the West Erie Plaza is closing its doors, after serving the community for more than a dozen years.

Icing on the Lake first opened its doors 12 years ago with a shop on West 12th Street. The bakery specializes in cupcakes, cookies and full-sized cakes.

The owner said she made the decision to close the shop due to health issues. She said it’s a demanding job and after two hip replacements, she can longer run the bakery every day.

“We have wonderful customers. Business has been great, so it is hard to close a business when the business is good, because we have such loyal customers, and I really will miss all of them. I really will, so it’s bittersweet,” said Heidi Fette, owner, Icing on the Lake.

The store will close on Dec. 31, however, customers can still enjoy treats from the automatic vending machine located outside the shop.