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The heart wrenching fire from over the weekend is leaving many questioning their family’s safety at home and at school.

There are plans and precautions that you can take in the event of a fire. Here are some things you should know.

At home or at school, there are steps you can take to ensure you and your family are safe. As a parent you may question fire safety programs that your children learn in school.

“From the LECOM Safe Kids perspective, we’ll get the firefighters involved, so that they understand what are the best tips, what are the best practices whenever a fire happens. Also understanding stop, drop, and roll is something we practice on the regular,” said Jack Ogden, Safe Kids Erie.

Safe Kids Erie also offers educational programs and activities to teach children how to stay safe from a fire.

John Widomski, Chief Fire Inspector at the Erie Fire Department tells Action News it’s important to replace your smoke detectors once every ten years, to change your batteries yearly, and use day light savings time as a reminder to check or replace your alarms. It’s also important to know how your smoke detectors work, and where they are located.

“One on each level of the house. One in the basement. If you have a two story, first and second floor, and even one in the attic,” said Chief Fire Inspector Widomski.

One thing officials suggest is having fire drills and planned escape routes in the instance of a fire.

“Talk about where you are in your house, and if there’s two ways to get out. If the fire is blocking your way out, you need to take your alternate route,” Pam Masi, Executive Director, Red Cross.

The Red Cross also tells us it’s important to keep flammable objects away from the stove. Don’t overload your electrical outlets, and keep flammable objects away from portable heaters.

The American Red Cross also offers a program to asses your home, install smoke detectors, and talk to you about your escape plan.

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