On Saturday, the Erie Zoo held its annual McDonald’s Day Treasure Hunt.

Children ages 12 and under were able to search around the park for hidden treasure.

Those children received a map upon entering the zoo that they were able to follow which led them to different ports around the zoo with a variety of different prizes.

Guests were invited to a meet and greet with the famous McDonald’s mascots including a special visit from Ronald McDonald himself.

“McDonald’s Day adds a little something extra for you to do on your daily visit to the zoo. There’s lots of fun, free little giveaways. You also get to meet some of your favorite characters. Some of the parents are really going to enjoy the people behind me like Grimmace, Birdie, and Hamburgler. They’re going to remember them from growing up, and the kids are going to love seeing Ronald McDonald,” said Emily Smicker, Marketing and Event Coordinator for Erie Zoo.

At the end of the treasure hunt where X marks the spot, kids were able to pick out a special McDonald’s Day toy.