For Penn State Behrend, eased COVID-19 restrictions are in place as students are welcomed back.

Here is more on how this year will hopefully feel like a return to normal campus life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made education on all levels difficult since early 2020.

None have been more impacted than universities who house thousands of students year round.

In 2021, Penn State Behrend proof of vaccination in order to have on campus housing.

Behrend made exceptions for unvaccinated students if they provided a negative test every week.

That is no longer the case for students this semester.

“Well for students it’s been a long haul since March of 2020. So for students that have been in high school or students who have been here, they want to see each other’s faces. This campus is really looking forward to a more normal experience this year and they’re very excited about it,” said Ken Miller, Senior Director of Administration and Student Affairs at Penn State Behrend.

Students and faculty alike are now committing to their studies once more without mandatory masks policies in place which they hope will add to educational experiences.

One Behrend student told us how he feels about the university rolling back on some of their policies.

“I think Penn State has handled it well. I do appreciate the fact that as COVID cases do increase or decrease they act accordingly,” said Mason Willman, Junior at Penn State Behrend, Computer Science and Mathematics Major.

Mason told us that he feels that education as a whole has evolved through the pandemic and it’s making professors more rounded.

“Especially now that I’m a junior. I’m noticing professors now use the tools or the skills that they’ve acquired from this time during COVID to now. So it’s been interesting because I get to see how the education kind of evolves to and how the professors actually get better,” said Willman.

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Penn State Behrend will also welcome the artist known as “Yung Gravy” to campus on Friday for a students only concert.