With the infusion of 3 million dollars in capitol funds, Representative Mike Kelly and other state lawmakers got an inside look at the future site of the Erie Downtown Development Corporation’s (EDDC) Food Hall project.

According to the EDDC’s CEO, the project is estimated to cost more than 30 million dollars. They’ve already secured 27 million dollars, so this 3 million will put them on the right track to start the project.

Excitement filled the halls of the old Sherlocks building as Representative Mike Kelly and other lawmakers learned what the Erie Downtown Development Corporation plans to do with the building.

“It’s so impressive to come in here; look at some of this stuff. You can never replace the architecture,” said Representative Mike Kelly, R. Pennsylvania.

The EDDC purchased the building in September of 2018. The plan is to convert the former bar into a Culinary Art’s District named Flagship City Food Hall.

Congressman Mike Kelly said investments like these are a great way to get other developers on board to revitalize Erie.

“It’s rebuilding communities that people walked away from. They couldn’t see a reason to stay. They said ‘well there’s just no return on that investment, I need to go some place else.’ Now they’re finding out, its okay, you can come home. Your dollars will be well used, they won’t be wasted,” said Representative Kelly.

The CEO of the EDDC John Persinger said the food hall is expected to be done by early 2021. The three million dollars from Erie Insurance is putting them on the right track.

In order to revitalize these buildings, to get the equipment in for those vendors, we need investors. We’re really excited about this investment,” said John Persinger, CEO, Erie Downtown Development Corporation.

Mayor Joe Schember, Representative Dan Laughlin, and other lawmakers joining Representative Kelly on the food hall tour.

According to Persinger, when the food hall is all done, it will feature nine different vendors, that range in all sorts of different types of food.