Insurance agencies are busy after flooding in area

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Insurance agencies are fielding claims after rain and melting snow caused flooding across northwestern Pennsylvania.

Regular homeowners insurance policies are not just for people living in high-risk, flood-prone areas or floodplains, but for anyone wishing to protect their home investment.

Homeowners with flood insurance also face some coverage limitations.

Federal flood insurance policies do not include most possessions in basements. The maximum amount for policies top out at $250,000 for the home’s structure and $100,000 for possessions in the home.

“The reality is anyone living in the city, you have a water main going by. A water main breakage is — guess what — surface water coming in,” said Robert Lafaro, owner of Mantsch-Lafaro Insurance Agency on Peach Street in Millcreek Township.“So, there’s another prime example where you would actually need flood insurance if you want any protection for water coming into your home or your business.”

Lafaro says comprehensive auto insurance does cover flooding damage to cars, but drivers should avoid standing water.

“Be careful anytime you hitting a portion of the ground that goes below level — underpasses, things of that nature, because coverage or not, at the end of the day, nobody wants to have themselves caught in the middle of a storm where there vehicle is not running and water is coming in.”

For more information about insurance and flood risk, visit the official website of the National Flood Insurance Program at

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