Investigators allegedly trace Albion and Parole office illnesses to parole violator’s backpack

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There are still a few questions left unanswered after an unknown substance sickens staff members at the Albion State Prison.

The State Correctional Institution went on lockdown Wednesday after an officer fell ill while processing a parole violator.  Before it was contained, the incident sent five to the hospital. 

Hazmat responded to the scene, but found nothing in the air nor anybody inside the prison.  When the parole violator was checked in, the prison wouldn’t take his belongings.  So, parole officers took his bag back to their office at East 18th Street.  

The bag contained two small containers filled with an unknown substance; one of those containers apparently leaking.  It’s assumed that was what was causing staff members to become sick.  

However, the parole officers came in contact with the substance and were not affected.

In a statement, the Pennsylvania State Police saying this morning, “at this time, it’s unknown if the property/substance that the violator had made the staff sick.  So, at this point, hazmat has not confirmed what the substance was that the violator had or what caused the sickness”. 

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