Irma update 09/12/2017

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The start to this literal long road to recovery in the Florida Keys, covered in sand and seaweed; lined with ship-wrecked boats.  The first evacuees now returning, many to find the kind of utter destruction they feared.

No cell phone service, electricity, or running water.  One local saying, “It’s like everybody just tipped everything over…  you’re just praying that everybody’s alive.”

The Caribbean coping with worse after Hurricane Irma.  New images from St. Martin capturing just a glimpse of the catastrophe.  Resident Phillip King says, “Almost everything is broken down. For our need we need water and food. It’s not a ‘maybe.’ It’s a ‘for sure.’ Water and food, we don’t have that.”

Some Americans rescued from the islands now stranded in Florida.  Airports there finally starting to function and flights selling out fast.  Plantation Resident Jessica Moraes said, “Everything we looked [at], once we tried to book it, it would be gone”.

While much of the Sunshine State starts to recover, now record flooding hitting Jacksonville; more than 100 people rescued.  Locals saying, “I’ve never seen the water this high; never.”

Even in parts of the state that aren’t dealing with flooding and damage, there are long lines for gas and more than 4 million people still without power.

–Marci Gonzalez ABC News


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