A popular Erie meadery is just days away from opening its doors to the public once again — just in a different location.

Ironstone Meadery has been in the process of relocating from Green Township to its new home in Summit Township. The meadery is seeing a brand new look at a brand new location by making its home at 2890 Copperleaf Drive in Summit Township.

After Greene Township shot down a request to legally expand at their old location, owner and mead maker Rich Konkol and his wife Diana made the decision to move after 4 and a half years of business.

“It feels like we’re out of our starter home and now we’re stepping into it even bigger,” said Rich Konkol, owner and mead maker, Ironstone Meadery.

They say running this business has been quite the learning process.

“Being the first meadery, we really had to pave the way, so it was a lot of educating about what mead was,” said Diana Konkol, owner of Ironstone Meadery.

Fortunately for them, business was going so well that they sought to expand, and construction is moving fast.

Inside, you can find a wide array of seating available, as well as animal pelts, skulls and artwork typical of Ironstone’s old-world, tavern feel. However, the centerpiece is easily their new workstation and bar.

“It’s all hand laid in stone. Jacob, who works with us, and myself spent six weeks laying the stonework for this, and then the last two or three weeks doing the framework and all of the woodwork to it,” said Rich Konkol.

Konkol has been crafting mead since 2005 and in that time, he’s been able to offer over 130 different flavors. Impressive considering only 4 and a half years of being open and most meads take 12 to 14 months to ferment.

One of the owners of Ironstone Meadery is very excited to welcome new customers in and says that all friendships begin in a tavern.

“A lot of times, they relax and they meet other people. It’s kind of like all good adventures start at a tavern and that’s kind of what our place is,” said Diana Konkol.

The Cakery Cafe is also right next door to their location, and owners hope that their businesses can complement one another.