One local high school wants to drive home how much they care about their graduating seniors.

The Iroquois School District showed their spirit for the students with a cap and gown drop off parade.

A group of around to 50 to 55 people including teachers, staff and board members drove from house to house in four groups. They planted signs and handed off caps and gowns to the seniors. Principal Doug Wilson stressed there will be still be a virtual graduation ceremony for the graduates on June 10th.

“I think our students know how much we care about them, but I think this will drive it home. We feel so bad that this happened to them during their senior year. We hope they get a little sense of Iroquois Spirit.” Wilson said.

Also tonight, a former Iroquois High School teacher joined on the cap and gown distribution in Lawrence Park. She couldn’t decorate her windows with school spirit, so she decided to use her storage container instead. The container adorned with the school’s colors and a message reading “Congratulations IHS Class of 2020.” She hopes that the decorations will leave students feeling supported as they look to the future.

“I hope they will enjoy seeing it and knowing we all care about them very much and wish them well.” said Patti Rial.