Is an aspirin a day as beneficial as many think?

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Many people believe the old adage that taking an aspirin every day is a harmless way to prevent heart disease, but that’s actually not the best approach for most of us. 

There’s a growing body of research showing the harms of taking a daily aspirin often outweigh the benefits for people who don’t already have heart disease.

The concern lies in the bleeding risk that comes with taking a daily aspirin.  

Aspirin reduces the blood’s ability to clot, which is protective for people who already had a heart attack, stroke, or heart procedure.

But, for people who don’t have heart disease, aspirin increases the risk of bleeding.

If you don’t have heart disease and you’re taking daily aspirin, be sure to check with your doctor.

Dr. Steve Nissen of Cleveland Clinic says, “By and large, our guidelines have now moved away from recommending aspirin for most people. I would estimate that many more people taking aspirin are taking it inappropriately than people who are taking it for good reasons. “

Dr. Nissen recommends talking to your healthcare provider if you’re not sure about your risk for heart disease.

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