For a long time, drivers in Pennsylvania would make the trip to Ohio to pay for cheaper gasoline.

With those states having almost the same prices however, it may not be worth the drive.

We made a visit to gas stations in Ohio and did not see very many Pennsylvania drivers filling up. Maybe for the first time in a long time, the price of gas is almost the same in Ohio as it is in Pennsylvania.

For years, people used to drive over the border to get gas, but now it’s not worth it.

“Well I’m not going to drive to Ohio for gas when it is the same price here,” said Beverly Moore, Waterford Resident.

We checked out Loves and Shell in Conneaut Ohio and saw that both gas stations have the same price for unleaded gas which is $4.94.

Here in Erie, the price is just about the same.

“This whole situation with the gas is ridiculous and it could have been avoided,” said Moore.

Some Erie residents said it might be worth the trip to fill up for gas in Ohio, but only if you are near the border.

“At this point, you have to factor your fuel efficiency in your car along with whether it makes sense for folks that live closer to the border. It makes sense,” said Heidi Long, Crawford County resident.

Other people are saying that it is worth it to just stay in Erie regardless if you live close to Ohio.

“No you may as well stay here and support local and save on your tires and all of your things, but what are you saving to spend it so you can have to look at the whole picture,” said Edward Carrig, Erie resident.

If you head to the next exit in Kingsville, some stations have gas at $4.69 a gallon, according to Gas Buddy.

If you drive even further into Cleveland, some gas stations have gas at $4.29, according to Gas Buddy.

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