This place is spooky, scary, frightening… you name it!  It’s not a haunted house, though, it’s a residential home.

The owner, Randy Skalos, goes above and beyond with his Halloween decorations every year; for the last 28 years!  His yard and garage are filled with dozens of animated fixtures, intricately carved pumpkins, and plenty of other things to give you a spook!

He calls the elaborate display in Conneaut, Ohio, the ‘Haunt on Williams Street’.  It’s open to the public and free to visit; everyone is welcome.

Skalos tells us, “It’s just a lot of fun, everyone really enjoys it. It’s just a fun time, you know? I call Halloween like a no stress holiday.”

The Haunt on Williams is located at 585 Williams Street in Conneaut and the display will be up through the end of Halloween night.