ERIE, Pa – After all the snow, things are almost back to normal in Erie. However, there’s a new concern on people’s minds – their roofs. 

Feet of snow, piling up on the roofs of homes. So much, that it’s now even hanging off the edges. The snow and ice build-up could cause serious damage to your home. For example, water leaking in under the shingles, or, in worst case scenario, the roof collapsing entirely. Residents are starting to worry. 

Andy Vinca, the owner of Angelo’s Roofing and Construction Inc. says, “We’ve had more than 50 calls just today.” The business started getting calls the day after Christmas. With eight men and six trucks, they’re responding to as many requests as they can. “It’s a 24 hour emergency service,” Vinca says, “so if anyone calls at anytime, we will respond to it.”

Though professional roof top snow removal is the safest option, it is costly, starting around $350.00. Some people are taking matters into their own hands.

“Roof rakes are anywhere from $30.00 – $50.00 and you can do it yourself,” says Jerry Magas, the store manager of Ace Duchini Hardware, “we have extension poles if you need to go further.”

Drew Ferrier, owner of Ferrier’s Hardware explains how they work, “Roof rakes are going to be used when there’s a heavy build up of snow. Where most people on their roofs right now have 3 feet of snow so they at least want to get the roof rake, pull the snow off, and get that cleared up.”

Another cheap way to clean up your roof is with RoofMelt. The tablets are designed to melt ice. It’s just a matter of taking some of them, tossing them up on your roof, and letting them do the work.

Once they melt, the idea is it melts your gutter and then like I said, the water can continue to flow through the gutters and avoid any build up of water up there,” Ferrier explains.

But those who waited until the last minute, are running into a problem. 

“We sold out copmletely,” says Magas, “we’re down to two shovels left.”

“We got cleaned out in about 4-5 hours,” says Ferrier. 

These two aren’t the only ones. We called a handful of hardware businesses and every one of them… sold out.

Fortunately these businesses have ordered more roof rakes and shovels, those sought after items. 

Ferrier’s Hardware is expecting to get their shipment of hundreds of roof rakes and shovels by Friday morning. Ace Duchini Hardware is expecting to get their shipment in by January 5th. 

Experts say get those roofs cleaned off before our next big snowstorm hits.