It’s a good idea to talk to Tom Wager. He could save your life; here’s how…

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Here in Erie, one man has taken charge over the last three years to offer active shooter preparedness training to people in the tri-state area.

Tom Wager once worked in law enforcement but has since retired from that line of work.  After hearing about so many deadly incidents involving gunmen targeting innocent, unarmed people, he decided to take steps to make sure people here in Erie are prepared.  

He says the right training could save lives.  Wager, now an Active Shooter Preparedness Instructor, says, “No one ever expects it to happen.  So many people walk into a building not thinking it’s going to happen and when it does happen… your body takes that little bit of time just to process what’s happening.  And in that little bit of time, the shooter’s not waiting for you.”

Wager echoes what many experts have said, saying your best bet in an active shooter situation is to know your exits, run, hide, and if all else fails, fight.  

Anyone interested in this training can contact Tom Wager at 814-490-3040.

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