It’s about to get a little chaotic at Waldameer Park

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We are weeks away from the opening of Waldameer Park and if you’re someone who seeks a thrill ride, there’s some good news for you.

‘Chaos’ will be opening this year and it’s the first upside-down ride being offered at the park.

One park representative describes the ride as a swinging pendulum.

Vice President of Operations at Waldameer Park and Water World Brian Gorman says, “It’s more of a thrill ride, we haven’t done a high-thrill ride in a while and so, the people who have missed that part of Waldameer will be excited. Even if you don’t ride it, like myself, but want to watch it, I think it will be great to see people’s reaction.”

Those who are looking for more of a relaxing day at the park instead of the thrill, there’s good news; they’ve also added a new heated pool.

The park will open the first weekend of May.

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