If you stepped outside Wednesday, you may have noticed it was almost 90 degrees which can cause heat exhaustion if not being taken care of properly.

McDowell High School issued an early dismissal for their students due to the high temperatures and no air conditioning in their building.

During early dismissal Wednesday afternoon, many students said that conditions in the senior high are not safe.

Temperatures around the region hitting almost 90 degrees Wednesday, prompting some school administrators to think about the safety of their students and staff. The senior high school at McDowell in Millcreek Township does not have air conditioning.

Senior Mallory Pentycofe received a notification Tuesday evening that there would be early dismissal the next day.

“I was actually very surprised because I know a lot of people were saying it was supposed to be hotter, but in the school, it didn’t feel as bad as it was yesterday,” Mallory said. “During my first block today, our administrator came in with water bottles as well.”

Other students said they were definitely feeling the heat.

“It’s just so hot in there. Sweating just sitting there, I can barley focus, it’s just not a good time,” said Brayden Banko, a junior at McDowell High School

“I’m in AP classes, honors and when you’re in classes like that every single bit of time matters and when you are not able to use the time that you have in class it makes like so much harder outside of school,” said Talia Hillen, sophomore at McDowell High School.

The students all agreed that their teachers have been understanding.

We reached out to the school district administration who declined to comment and referred us to the statement that is on their website.

The statement said:

“McDowell High School students will be dismissed early on Wednesday, September 9 due to heat in the building. Students grades 9-12 will be dismissed at 12:45pm. McDowell High School is our only building currently without central air conditioning, which is planned to be installed as part of the renovations beginning in the summer of 2024.

This dismissal is for the health and safety of our students and staff.”

One student sharee her frustrated with administration and said they have been promising air condition for years.

“‘Oh, maybe we’ll install it next year.’ In my opinion, it’s probably not going to happen,” Hillen said. “When there’s problems like heat and students can’t focus and you have to let them out half a day early just so people don’t die of heat exhaustion, you really got to think about where you are putting your money.”

Students are expected to resume their normal schedule starting Thursday.