Jamestown residents react to the arrest of man accused of murdering a 1-year-old girl

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Residents of this Jamestown neighborhood are being reminded of one-year-old Nayla Hodnett who died from blunt force trauma in 2014. 

This coming after 35-year-old Tyler Perez who was Nayla’s mother’s boyfriend was arrested on Friday.   “I heard about what happen back there before I even moved in here because my mom wanted to look up what happened in the area about crime and stuff,” said Richard Walters.

Walters and his family live in the house that is located right in front of the home where Nayla’s family lived.  He says Perez has been spotted in the neighborhood over the years. “Then he started showing up and stuff in the back, just walking through and kind of like starring at the house,” said Walters. 

One neighbor who didn’t want to be on camera says she’s relieved that someone is being held accountable for the little girl’s death. “Actually the neighborhood is still kind of nasty, but just glad that they’re out of here,” said Jamie.

Perez is in the Chautauqua County jail and his bail has been set to $500,000 cash or $1 million property bond.

Perez is maintaining his innocence and his lawyer says these are simply accusations.

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