“Jammies and Jams” event raising donations for ServErie

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The sound of music filled the air at one local coffee shop, all for a good cause.

Local artists participating in the Jammies and Jams at the Tipsy Bean to raise donations for ServErie.

The event includes some well-known bands and musicians in the community, including Kennedy Krahe and Emily Swan. Through a series of music during the night, Jammies and Jams looks to give back and provide extra funding to the non-profit organization.

“I believe heavily for a city to thrive, every part of it has to be alive. That’s even from the entertainment aspects to acting, to the music, the venues, even small local businesses like the Tipsy Bean.” said Matthew Symmoms, Event Coordinator.

Jammies and Jams looks to raise more than $1,000 for ServErie.

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