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Something that doesn’t happen in Erie County in decades happened in 2016. Erie County switched to red.

Hillary Clinton didn’t visit Erie. During that election, a big mistake some say made by her campaign, a mistake that Joe Biden wasn’t going to repeat.

JET 24 Action News’s Jill McCormick spoke one on one with Joe Biden, about the stop Saturday.

Erie County back in the national spotlight, as Joe Biden makes a campaign stop in Erie.

“I would’ve been here earlier, but for the pandemic, and to earn their votes and say we’re coming back this is not Wall Street, this is Main Street in this is where we’re going to have to rebuild the country.” Biden said.

This visit officially taking Joe Biden to all four corners of the commonwealth, trying to win back a state that in 2016 went red.

Biden says Erie County voters need to take a look at the promises made four years ago.

“He hasn’t delivered on any of his promises, he talked about an infrastructure project. It would’ve put a lot of folks right here in this room and hall to work her promises and he hasn’t done a single solitary thing.” Biden said.

We also talked about Erie’s Tom Ridge publicly supporting the Democratic ticket.

“Tom Ridge was a soldier, we’re not a country that looks down on people who serve their country because they’re lowers, that’s not who we are or image in our standards have been damaged all around the world and it’s about bringing us back together.”

Joe Biden saying whether you’re a democrat or a republican, it’s important this election cycle to get out and vote.

“You got to get out and vote, we have to take back this country and, again, if I’m elected and running as a proud Democrat, but, if I’m elected, I’m going to be a president for everybody else who voted for me and those who put it for me and we are not red and blue states, we are the United States of America.

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