John Grazioli tells a jury he was trying to show Amanda how a new gun worked when it went off

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A man charged with the murder of his wife tells his version of the story for the first time.

John Grazioli says he did kill his wife, but it was an accident.  He says he bought the gun as a gift and when he was showing her how to use it, he accidentally pulled the trigger.

45-year-old John Grazioli is charged with first-degree murder for the death of his new wife, 31-year-old Amanda Grazioli.  On the day of the incident, March 8, 2018, the defendant told investigators, his ex-wife, and a priest that he shot and killed Amanda. As he takes the stand, that part of the story stays consistent.

But, for the first time, we’re hearing it was an accident. 

With tears in his eyes, telling the jury, “I would do anything to have her back”. 

He says the day is in some ways a blur and he was still out of it after consuming a mix of drugs and alcohol with Amanda the night before. 

Grazioli says once he realized what he had done, he wanted to kill himself, but first to see his kids.

But, Assistant District Attorney Erin Connelly didn’t buy that story.  She referenced letters the defendant left on his ex-wife’s porch after Amanda was killed.  Letters to his children reading, in part, “Amanda treated you badly and I, as a father, should have never let that happen”.

The prosecution also brought up several exchanges about Grazioli planning to get a divorce and sexual messages he sent on a messenger app indicating he was not pleased in his marriage.

Grazioli was the only witness the defense presented. 

The prosecution believes Grazioli had been planning this murder for at least a month.

Closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow at 9:30am.

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