Judge calls Gerrans a “self-absorbed criminal” before sentencing him to at least four years

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A judge calling the man who caused a fatal accident around two years ago “a self-absorbed criminal,” before handing down his sentence today.

30 year old Matthew Gerrans is sentenced to spend four to eight years in state prison. Gerrans pleading guilty to accidents involving death and two other charges in September for causing the crash that killed 24 year old Ali Fuhrman and seriously injuring her father, Patrick.

The crash occurred at the intersection of West Ridge and Asbury Roads in December 2015. Gerrans telling the judge that he’s ashamed of his actions and saying, “I would trade places with Ali if I could,” before being sentenced. 

Fuhrman’s Aunt, Maria Fuhrman-Smith, telling the judge that Gerrans left her niece and brother to die when he fled the scene the night of the accident after admitting he was drinking. “There’s always going to be one person missing. Ali had a lot going for her. I feel bad for my brother and sister-in-law and my niece, but I also feel bad for the fact that the world is not going to be able to see what she could have brought to everyone.” Fuhrman’s Father, Patrick says today marks the start of the healing process.

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